Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy. I hold the position of Clinical Occupational Therapist and Manager as President and Chief Executive Officer of a private clinic that I own. I am also the happy mother of a little girl, Anna-Camélia and a little boy, Louis. It was after several months of concern, due to a delay in the development of our son Louis, that the diagnosis of Angelman’s syndrome was announced to us. It is a rare neurogenic disease that causes an overall developmental delay, ataxia in movements and difficulties in equilibrium. In addition, there is a lack of verbal language, moderate to severe intellectual disability and epilepsy.

The world as I knew it at that time collapsed. Life would never be the same and a mourning had just begun. In addition, I became aware of the lack of resources to help the parents of these children. Access to resources to help them is difficult. Parents face long waiting lists. It was then that I met Nathalie Richard, founder of L’Etoile de Pacho. She gave me hope and shed light on the adaptation process I was experiencing with my little angel Louis. From that moment on, I felt that I was no longer alone on this path. In the support groups offered by the organization, I also had the chance to meet other mothers living the same reality. Inspired by Nathalie’s work, I am now the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors.

MARCO IANNUZZI, Vice-President

I am a partner in a brokerage firm and hold a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA). I specialize in the design, structure and implementation of global insurance programs for national and international companies.

Life occasionally gives us the chance to meet people whose lives are shaken by one or more significant events. Of those, some become exceptional persons that will often amaze you without even knowing it. I had this chance when Nathalie crossed my path. Today I have the pleasure of humbly supporting her in her mission to help parents of children with special needs. Obviously, I get more than I can ever give, but I do my best to narrow that gap.


I am the father of two little girls of three and one year old named Marianne and Victoria. My spouse is a clinical nurse in the operating room of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, she remains my greatest inspiration since she helps save and improve lives every day. This is one of the reasons why I decided to get involved with L’Étoile de Pacho.

On the professional side, I am an insurance broker for an international firm. My role is to analyze the risks of several companies and then set up, with a team of experts, insurance programs in order to transfer their risks to insurers. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as the CPA-CMA accounting title.


Holding a bachelor’s degree in social work from Laval University and a law degree from McGill University, I combined these two educational trainings by practicing family law for almost 30 years. I am called upon to represent and advise parents, and sometimes children, in the context of family conflicts following a breakup or during a divorce. I am therefore very sensitive to any event that changes a family’s dynamic.

During my decades of professional experience, I witnessed firsthand the extent of the challenges that some parents face. Life and its hazards gave me the opportunity to recognise the inspiring mission of L’Étoile de Pacho. Each life has its own path, but fortunately, at times, paths cross and give us the freedom to act.

I chose to act.


In my life as a pediatrician, one day I met children who differed in everything that I had learned! I, who thought myself to be a specialist in children, found myself completely destabilized! I said to myself, « Oh no! You have to relearn everything! Finally, it was enough to open my heart and go to meet them! And meet their parents, who are often said to be courageous, but whom I especially find infinitely human and loving … and often mistreated in our demanding society.

And my encounter with Nathalie did the rest. I am happy and very proud to be part of the magnificent Board of Director’s team of L’Étoile de Pacho.


With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in project management, I am currently a project manager in the construction field for the City of Montreal. It should be added that I previously managed a real estate portfolio for the Société québécoise des infrastructures for 11 years before.

Furthermore, I am the father of three children, including a child diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, born in 2014. I know what it is to learn that our child will be disabled, that he will not be able to speak or even walk and will have an intellectual disability. In addition, I was able to observe other families after several stays in hospital for my son, which reinforced my beliefs that these parents of exceptional children should be helped. It is for this reason that I would like to put my great skills as project manager at the service of L’Étoile de Pacho. I would like to promote this organization and perhaps in the long term create a wonderful place for our children when they grow up.


Social worker, then manager, in a pediatric hospital center in Montreal, I accompanied many families living with a sick and disabled child. Over the course of these experiences, I came to realize to what extent the way we look at the different child and his family is often subject to representations centered on suffering and deficiency. However, the story of several parents confirms how life with a sick and disabled child has a positive influence on their lives.

I am a teacher in the Social Work Department at the University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO) at the St-Jérôme campus where I continue to be interested in the status of these families. I carry out various qualitative research projects, some of which involve the active participation of parents. The dynamism of L’Étoile de Pacho and its members dedicated to supporting and promoting the quality of life of families who live day to day with a disabled child impresses and challenges me. I am therefore motivated to support L’Étoile de Pacho by using my knowledge along with values ​​of respect, self-determination and social justice that inspire and guide me.

Ian Boulanger


Travel and adventure lover, I have never had a specific career plan. While updating my CV, I realized that I had always worked with vulnerable teenagers and young adults and that I was a youth worker. having obtained a bachelor’s degree in religious studies, I worked for years in the community environment as caseworker and project manager. I recently decided to go back to school in business management and start my own business.

Following my son Théo’s cerebral palsy diagnosis in 2016, L’Étoile de Pacho was a beacon that allowed us to organize and put everything in place to manage this new reality. Ihave infinite gratitude for this organization and it is that feeling that makes me want to get involved as a member of the Board.