Community life program

Parents of severely handicapped children of ages 0 to 18 and that are going through tough times which is leading them to psychological distress and financial hardship, are entitled to receiving a specific aid through one of our support programs. This help will allow them to bloom, favors adaptability and encourages social inclusion. All programs are offered at no cost to members (to become a member, please visit the « BECOME MEMBER » section of our page).
Members are parents (French or English speaking), in the greater Montreal region, who live with at least one child under the age of 18 with a severe physical disability. It can be accompanied by an intellectual disability and/or a rare desease which requires complexe medical care.

You will be invited to join our support groups in which different subjects are discussed, some of serious nature while others will be more light hearted. We also offer evening information sessions and different activities which are meant for parents, as well as for the whole family. In addition, we can offer to match up parents with similar situations together if they wish us to do so.

Often in my life, I held back for going out with my son. I didn’t want to have to confront other people’s looks, and especially not have to explain. L’Étoile de Pacho brought me friends.

- Ariane Gravel, Maïk’s mom

Help us soften a parent of a handicapped child’s journey.
Sponsor a family for a year!

$1 000 offers to organize some activities, gathering and uniting parents for a year.