Emotions were intense with regard to the immense generosity shown towards us!
We are so grateful! Thanks a million!

Hello L’Étoile de Pacho, A small donation to support families in need. It is a simple thought of admiration for your work that goes on in spite of everything. You are the light for so many families, never forget that. A lot of respect for all this work, the organization is so indispensible at all times, but more so during this crisis. Don’t let go, we love you! ?

Many thanks for the marvelous fruits and vegetables basket, very appreciated. This situation makes our daily lives and new challenges more difficult. It puts a ray of sunshine in our day!

Hello, today we received a beautiful basket of fruits, vegetables and jams. An enormous thank you for having thought of us, this attention warmed our hearts.

An enormous thanks to the L’Étoile de Pacho organization for always being present, proactive and understanding of the needs of parents with handicapped children. We are very grateful for everything.

Hello to all the L’Étoile de Pacho family. Thank you to our intermediator for having left a message with our daughter’s social worker.

My family and I thank you very much for having thought of us during this difficult time. As a matter of fact, yesterday we received the basket that L’Étoile de Pacho had promised us. We also received a $100 gift card. Another big thank you to the volunteer who delivered this to us. My children really appreciated the basket. Have a good day.

Hello. With this message I wish to express my gratitude for the grocery basket and gift card received on Tuesday April 7th 2020. The gesture was greatly appreciated during this difficult period. Thank you for this and bravo for all the work the organization does.

Hello. Thank you very much for your suppot. Have a good day.

I just received the gift cards in the mail; well, come on!! If you only knew to what extent this touched me, and very good timing! It is accepted with heart and much gratefulness. I would like to sincerely thank your magnificant organization from the bottom of my heart. It alleviates our thoughts knowing that we feel supported, especially regarding the budget, it really feels good. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, we will make good use of it. Have a great day filled with sunshine!!

Its really cool that you obtain news from us! We are doing very well on all levels of our life and we hope the best for all the others as well as we wait to return to our daily lives, little by little. Thank you and a very good day to all the wonderful team and family of Pacho. Thank you❤??

Hello. Thank you for your e-mail, its very appreciated. You do extraordinary work, I salute your commitment towards our family and all the other families.

…I know that I can always depend on you…

I would like to let you know that I received the $100 gift card today. Thank you very much. Take care of yourselves. Have a good day!

Hello. We received the gift card for groceries. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you very much for your help. Good evening.

Hello. I would like to thank you and your team for your support and devotion during a difficult period for everyone. Hats off for your actions and perseverance. I wish you courage and many beautiful achievements. Everything will be OK.

Thanks so much to all the team, we are lucky to have you. Don’t give up on the great job!

We are very satisfied with L’Étoile de Pacho, thank you so much for everything!

Hello. Thank you very much for this initiative! You are extraordinary. Just the fact of feeling less alone is an enormous benefit.

I would like to take the time to say thank you for the masks. Have a good day!

Always a little thought to make things better, the masks are fantastic! I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this benevolent family ❤️. Extreme thanks for being there for us, especially for listening and for your support.☀️❤️❤️❤ Thank you.

Hello to the entire team! What a beautiful surprise to receive a magnificent Mother’s Day card along with the masks for children. Thank you so much for this delicate attention. Also, a special thank you to the volunteers who made the childrens’ masks! The children loved them! Take care of yourselves and thanks a million for all you do.

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I received the new mask and gift card in the mail today and our son loved it. Thank you once again, the gift card will come in handy this week?

Thank you Nathalie, Danielle, Fadwa and all those whom I am forgetting!

What a wonderful surprise to have received the magnificent Mothers’ Day card along with the childrens’ masks! Thank you so much for this delicate attention!

I also wish you a wonderful mothers’ day, a little belated. You are certainly not only incredible and resilient mothers, but examples for us other mothers who try to navigate the system to ensure the rights of our fragile and so endearing children.

A special thanks to the volunteers who made the masks for the children. The children love them!

Take care of yourselves and thanks a million for everything you do ?

Hello. Yesterday we received a beautiful gift from L’Étoile de Pacho, a gift card for groceries! ? We thank you so much, its extremely appreciated! I hope that you are also doing well! Thanks for reaching out to get our news.

Yesterday I reveived the gift card for groceries! I am super happy!! Thank you!



Ludivine Caron: My husband and I never felt as lonely and helpless as when we were informed of our son’s diagnostic… the crisis occurred, the crying, the anger, and later, when I felt ready for it , I needed to meet people who, like me, lived great mourning in front of our long-awaited child. Thanks to L’Etoile de Pacho, I found the listening and understanding that I needed. Also, since I joined the support groups with L’Etoile de Pacho, I finally found hope that our lives do not stop after the announcement of bad medical news. The activities with other parents and children living with similar problems to mine now allow me to be more serene facing the handicaps of my son. Life is Beautiful! Thank you!

Aline Dima: Thank you L’Etoile de Pacho for letting me know about the chèque-emploi subsidy program while I was all by myself and having huge problems.

Dylane Mercier: L’Etoile de Pacho was the first organization that helped me during the hard days of having a disabled child. Through meetings with other parents, they guided me into this whirlwind.

Valérie Gaudet: L’Etoile de Pacho arrived on my path at a time when I was going through a big storm. My daily life with my son Mathias was very difficult and I could not see the end of it … No one around me could really understand what I was going through and feeling because none of them had a disabled child. I felt very alone in my situation. Right from my first meeting with L’Etoile de Pacho, I felt a sense of listening and empathy from other mothers and especially from Nathalie Richard who was able to say the right words to help and encourage me. I participate in support groups and some of the organization’s activities because it just makes me feel good. It also allowed me to meet new friends with whom we can share our experiences.

Karine & Stéphane: Thanks to L’Etoile de Pacho for the help brought in the big swirl which made the difference through various great encounters with other parents or individually with Nathalie Richard who encouraged us to get through the rough times and take the time to advise us, thank you!

Parent: L’Étoile de Pacho est l’organisme qui nous a fait le plus de bien dans la dernière année. Nous avons pu passer une journée au spa en amoureux, ce n’était pas arrivé depuis la naissance de notre fils il y a 2 ans et demi. Merci d’être dans notre vie ?

Sybel Forget: Thanks to L’Etoile de Pacho for helping me find a companion for my son when I was so tired that I could not find the energy to help myself. Thanks also to Nathalie for having patiently listened to me and to have taught me this: yes, it is possible be be happy with children like ours. This sentence has followed me ever since and helped to come out of my dark thoughts. Today I understand what you meant … Thank you!

Kim Lessard: Thanks to l’Étoile de Pacho for having welcomed, informed and supported us in this new universe of parent of a disabled children.

Najla Ahmimed: Thanks to L’Etoile de Pacho and their support group, I was able to share my experience with moms (some of whom have become friends) exceptional children, and I can benefit from the Chèque emploi-service subsidy program (my son’s caregiver was referred by L’Etoile de Pacho). An exceptional thank you Nathalie Richard for your listening, your generosity and having spent a few hours with me the day that Amine had his surgery.

Véro Bationo: L’Etoile de Pacho enlightened me with the pile of paperwork and steps to get support for our children with great needs. Then, the support groups are a great comfort to me, exchanging about our particular daily life with other mothers diminishes the feeling of loneliness. Finally, the help of the organization to find a caregiver allowed me to sleep one night a week in confidence.

Anne Rouleau: Thanks to the support groups of L’Etoile de Pacho, I had the chance to meet other parents living the same reality as me. Having a place to discuss these topics is primary, and it’s not always easy to find! This allowed me to create a “mini-network”, people with whom I can exchange when needed. Thank you, Nathalie!

Karine Beaurivage: Thanks to L’Etoile de Pacho for taking the time to explain the services available, to have taken time to listen to me and also the fact that knowing that this organization, makes us feel less alone.


Association des fiers parents d’enfants handicapés: L’Etoile de Pacho – Caring for parents of children with special needs, has enlightened us through our experience and has shown us a great deal of openness to inform us about the different subjects. A simple call served us well. Thanks again!

Véronique Séguin: L’Etoile de Pacho also offers excellent opportunities for specialist educators to enourmously learn and to humanely progress, while working with our heart. A rare opportunity in our world today. THANK YOU!


Le Phare Enfants et Familles: “… Your network plays a key role that has long been missed by the families of children suffering from fatal medical conditions, as well as valuable support for the families of children with intellectual or physical disabilities …”
“… The Phare and all the expertise in pediatric palliative care have long been waiting for an organization to take up the challenge of bringing together, in a spirit of mutual aid, the parents of seriously ill children …”

Mayor of Verdun, Mr. Jean-François Parenteau : “… Your organization is an important player not only in Verdun, but also throughout the Island of Montreal, knowing that the services you offer to your members give them a little rest and make sure to break their isolation … “

ALTERGO: “… By joining the AlterGo network, this organization has filled a gap of expertise in the group, linking parents of people with disabilities, expressing and representing their needs. L’Etoile de Pacho is an important link in the service chain for people with a disability, the link between the health care system, parents, organizations and municipalities … “

CHU Sainte-Justine: “… Considering that the families in our program suffer from isolation, that they have major difficulties in finding a qualified caregiver and that there is a certain amount of time before admission to a specialized program in CLSC (DI-TSA-DP) as well as the attribution of a caregiver/social assitance/social worker who do home visits, L’Etoile de Pachos’ services are an asset to this distinct population and enhances our service offer. This organization is therefore a reference for us at the CHU Sainte-Justine and thus extends the network to help our families …. “

Montreal Children’s Hospital: “… Since the creation of L’Etoile de Pacho, the members of the neonatal follow-up program have been pleased to be able to refer families to L’Etoile de Pacho, which then takes over by accompanying these families through their new reality. Our program referred more than 25 families to this organization. We recognize the important contribution that L’Etoile de Pacho brings to families living with a disabled child and / or serious illness. This organization provides parents with answers to their many concerns, including listening and supporting … This unique organization has a real impact for families … “