Offer help
to a family
for a year.


of close helpers of
multi-handicapped kids
suffer of psychological distress.

« I have never felt as alone and helpless than in that moment when my husband and I were announced our son’s diagnosis. »

– Ludivine Caron, Mathias’s mom

There is…

Adayel, 4

who doesn’t talk, doesn’t walk and will need a wheal chair his whole life.

Éloïse, barely 8

who doesn’t talk, doesn’t walk and will need a wheal chair her whole life.

Élisabeth, which since she’s been born

can’t be mouth fed and can only be given a special formula by gastric tube.

There is also

Edouard, Kayden, Marion, Zoé…

There are more than 40 000

handicapped children in the province of Quebec

Their parents take care of them with love, to the best of their abilities. The complexity and heaviness of their tasks would scare the most seasoned administrators. Between giving medical care, finding ressources and help, assuring income, multiple appointments and personal moments to add to the agenda, there just isn’t enough time. The psychological distress is always just around the corner. And the isolation, mainly, causes it’s own load of suffering.

To accompany these families, Nathalie Richard, herself a mother of a child with extraordinary needs, has founded L’Étoile de Pacho. It’s a helping network for parents with a handicapped child, supported by parents who are going through the same life experiences.

You can help

Help us soften a parent with a handicapped child’s journey.
Sponsor a family for a year!

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Through hosting services and accompaniment

Finding the right ressources will all of a sudden seem less complicated.

By pairing and training a specialized caregiver

A few respite moments, a few quiet nights, it’s essential.

Through activities to break solitude and create new bonds

Finally feeling understood is priceless.