We are the parents of disabled children who have decided to put their knowledge and experience together to help other parents in similar situations. First and foremost, we want to break the isolation that we ourselves felt being the parent of a disabled child. When we hear the diagnosis of our child for the first time we feel alone in the world.

After several years of living, adapting and discovering this parallel world, we believe that the best way to help new parents is to remove them from their isolation by sharing our experiences, resources and journey.

Pacho is David’s nickname, Nathalie`s son (the Founder). He was nicknamed Pacho at birth, David’s father, of Peruvian origin, found that he looked like a “Pacho” (a little Mexican dad), thus the nickname, which remains to this day.

The star (l’étoile) has a special significance for us; it is the light that our children bring into our lives; the fact that they are our “lucky stars” as well as the star that lights our path during difficult times.